Margaret Yates

Transformational Life Coach and Licensed Master NLP Practitioner



Stuck in a job I hated and divorced at 36, I brought up my three children whilst working and studying for my legal exams, becoming a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives.


At the age of 40, with a mortgage to pay and 2 children still at home, I woke up one morning and decided I had to leave my challenging and abusive working environment. I had had enough! I took a giant leap of faith and handed in my notice - without another job to go to! It was quite scary - and all my friends and family told me I was mad!! Whatever! There was NO WAY I was going back to that working environment. So, I took immediate action, got my CV out to some agencies and within 2 months I had received 6 interviews and 5 offers of employment - with some really lovely people to work with - and a higher salary! If I hadn't taken that leap....if I had just put up with things as they were........... I am SO glad I did what I did!


I really enjoyed working as a Family Lawyer, because having been through a pretty traumatic divorce myself, I was able to support my clients through the divorce process, and through my own personal experiences, was able to go the extra mile in helping them build a new life after divorce.


I continued my passion for bringing out the best in people whilst working as a Team Coach within the Law Society’s complaints handling department, helping colleagues achieve personal and business goals. During the department’s closedown in 2011, whilst facing redundancy myself, I supported my colleagues, helping them with job applications and interview techniques. I viewed my redundancy situation as an opportunity to follow my dream and start my own coaching business.


As well as my legal and corporate coaching training, my professional credentials include a Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching, accredited by ICF, through the Animas Centre of Coaching. I am also a Licensed Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming, having trained with Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, in May 2015. That's me in the photo on the right receiving my certificate from the man himself.


This training, combined with my years as a Family Lawyer, Team Coach and my real desire to help others equips me with the skills, understanding and compassion to enable me to help others improve their lives.


I have been there and done that and I would love to help you do it too.


To get started and find out how I can help you, click here to book a conversation with me.

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